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Growing and using herbs, with Jekka McVickar - смотрим онлайн. (subtitles by evening of 17th July)
We had space for a new herb garden, after Homeacres expanded onto new land in 2021. See the results, three months after setting Jekka's plants, and some others, in the new herb garden.
Kate suggested creating a herb garden, and we had recently cleared some space near the cabin. It had been a heap of topsoil for three years, dating from when the cabin was built in 2018.

The area is 4m2 or 40ft2, the soil mostly weed free after bindweed roots had died under the heap of soil. I levelled the surface with a rake, and drew a circle in the ground. I divided the circle into four quarters, and added compost.

In mid-March we drove to Jekka's nursery, about an hour north of here. She gave us loads of herby information, and we came back with two year old herb plants, organically grown.

The garden had a slow start, with April being frosty. Now as I write this in mid-July, the garden is quite full, and many plants are in flower, attracting a lot of insects. This video was filmed 16th June 2021, by Edward Dowding my younger son. You can see more of his work here edowdingfilms. onfabrik/portfolio.

Jekka's "Complete Herb Book" has sold over a million copies. jekkas/collections/books/products/jekkas-complete-herb-book
She is the original organic herb grower, and Britain/s foremost authority on herbs. She advises many chefs including Jamie Oliver and Nathan Outlaw.
Her nursery is open at selected times jekkas/
See her videos: jekkas/pages/jekkas-how-to-grow-herbs

Kate Forrester is a chef and now gardener/grower. She is starting a CSA near Ringwood in West Hampshire, southern England. She works part time at Homeacres, and cooks for courses here.

Learn more about growing herbs in this module of my online course 2


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