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Top 3 Casual Builds Season 24 Diablo 3 (Ethereal Items, patch 2. 7. 1) - смотрим онлайн. Diablo3 Ethereal Season24

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Discord: discord. gg/KRuZQUwQwh
Twitch: twitch. tv/d3filthycasual

GoD Dh: youtu. be/xm5ZnpR4HfY
maxroll. gg/d3planner/854532495

Barb T16 youtu. be/rCLkZ-Rsp84
maxroll. gg/d3planner/330560556

Innas youtu. be/IqMkNqhsRWE
maxroll. gg/d3planner-ptr/936682113

0:00 Intro
1:46 GoD DH
4:55 WW Barb
6:42 Inna Monk

These three builds will all be excellent for casual players as no specific ethereal is needed to play them. There will be best in slot items, but you can go ham with what you din

Inna Mystic Ally is probably the easiest to set up and that's what I'm going to be putting together ASAP. Whirlwind Rend Barb is also very good, as is the Gear of Dreadland Demon Hunter

Good luck finding those Ethereal items in Season 24 and I will see you again soon


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